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Sherrie McCrary: Photos

Sherrie and G Wade from Honor & Glory Radio
Reggie, Helen Baylor, and your girl  Sherrie
Some Greenbriar V.I.P. moments... Shira, Canton Jones, and Sherrie
Sherrie and Vanessa Bell Armstrong in concert  together.  Now look at God !
Sherrie and Da Dre from Crunk for Christ Radio
Look who I ran into... Senator Donzella James
Greg Kirkland Jr. and Sherrie McCrary
Christian Music Artist Brandy Michelle and Sherrie
Sherrie and T-Rep at the 2010 Ygea Awards Show
Sherrie and Joyful Noize
Mr. L. Boyd and Sherrie hanging out in the V.I.P. room
Sherrie and Jazze Pha - Songwriter/Producer
Sherrie and Ken Ford .  He can play that violin.  Check him out !
The Group "Witness"  Leah Jones and Tosha Lockhart

2011 Women of Vision Retreat to Forrest Hill Mountain Resort

The 2011 Women of Vision Retreat. I was asked to lead the group into "Praise and Worship, and what an experience. God is AMAZING ! I released a lot and I took home with me words of WISDOM, a new look on life, HOPE, and a guideline of achieving ALL that Go
Carolyn Harrison Founder of "Women of Vision"
The Women of Vision invites Chistian Music Artist Sherrie McCrary to lead the Group into Praise and Worship for this years Women of Vision Retreat
The core Leaders of Women of Vision. Debra Miller, Monique Andrews, Tonya Robinson,and Founder Carolyn Harrison. — at Forrest Hills Mountain Resort.
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